Adult Social Group Paddles:

We have three adult social groups that run throughout the year. These groups are lead by an instructor with the aim to go out for a paddle whilst developing your skills as we go. Anyone is welcome to all three groups, we have some regular members and a lot of new faces throughout the year as well, meaning that we have a large range of abilities.

Sunsetters/Sunseekers –

Sunsetters runs every Monday evening, 7 – 8pm, during the warmer months of the year (roughly April to September). £10 per person.

Sunseekers takes over during the colder months, and runs from 10am – 12pm every other Saturday. £20 per person.

Both of these groups welcome a mixture of craft, although the majority tends to be kayaks or canoes.

SunSUPpers/SUP Club – 

SUP Club is our dedicated stand up paddleboarding social group. It runs every Wednesday  7 – 8pm whilst Sunsetters is running during the warmer months, £10 per person.

Midweekers – 

If you work nearby and have a spare hour at lunch, or just have Wednesday afternoons free, you may want to check out our Midweekers group. This group runs from 12 – 1pm every week, and is a good way to break up the work week with an hour long paddle to get you out on the water while you’re waiting for the weekend.

You can book online for any of these groups, if you have any questions about any of the groups, please send us an email!