Adult Social Group Paddles:

Our adult social paddles are lead by an instructor with the aim to go out for a paddle whilst developing your skills as we go.

Anyone is welcome, we have some regular members and a lot of new faces throughout the year, meaning that we have a large range of abilities.

You can book online for any of these groups, if you have any questions please send us an email!


Sunsetters & Sunseekers

Sunsetters runs every Monday evening, 7 – 8pm, during the warmer months of the year (April to September). £10 per person.

Sunseekers takes over during the colder months, and runs from 10am – 12pm every other Saturday. £20 per person.

Both of these groups welcome a mixture of craft, although the majority tends to be kayaks or canoes. They both explore the section of river local to us with the aim of enjoying a relaxing paddle.

SunSUPpers/SUP Club

SUP Club is our dedicated stand up paddleboarding social group. It runs every Wednesday  7 – 8pm during the warmer months (April – September). £10 per person.

This group aims to explore our local section of river whilst developing our participant’s SUP skills. You can enjoy a relaxing evening paddle, or have a play around in the water on a hot summer’s evening!

Pay & Play

If you feel confident to go out on the water without an instructor, we offer this rental-like session.

Pay & Play’s are £10 per person per hour, and you can take out:

  • Sit-on-top kayaks
  • Paddleboards
  • Katakanus

The only restriction is that you must stay within sight of the building, giving you a 1000m stretch of river to play with.

Pay & Play is available all year, at a range of times throughout the day.

Under 18s can participate, but must have an adult on the water with them.